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Smart Band

M8 colorful display heart rate blood pressure OLED smart band

Mobile version: Iso 8.0 above  Android 4.4 above
Material: Silica gel
Waterproof level: IP67
The battery type: Polymer cell
Battery capacity: 110Amh
Synchronously: Bluetooth 4.0
CPU: NRF52832(M4)
Photoelectric sensor: Light PD70
Acceleration sensor: Triaxial acceleration ROM KXT j3-1057
Display unit: TFT 0.96
Support language: Many languages
Adaptation way: Can be used independently or concurrently with the APP
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Model no: M8 Heart rate & Blood pressure Smart band  Bluetooth 4.0,  IP68 waterproof swimming

Chip: Nordic NRF51822; APP name: H band

Function: heart rate detection, blood pressure,SPORT MODE (including time, heart rate, cal, steps), step, Calorie, sleep detection, real-time continues dynamic accurate heart rate detection,heart rate alert, call,SMS(facebook, whatsapp ect social media) message reading, find mobile phone,Remote camera, Stopwatch, different styles dial, GPS sport route display, share fitness data to Social media, raise hand bright screen turn on/off 

Standby time: 15days, working days: 5days

battery capacity: 110mAh

Display screen: 0.96" OLED,Touch button, Good for printing logo, and water/hot tranfer printing